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A Touch of Majic Equestrian Website


As an independent school project I redesigned and rebuilt a website for a local small business. I started with an analysis of what was not working for the business and it’s customers on the existing site. Key issues I discovered were type color didn’t have enough contrast so was hard to read, many photos were low quality and didn’t portray a professional image, content was very text heavy and not scannable, there was no easy way to contact the business and key information existing and prospective clients wanted was not included or was not easy to find on the site


I started with a content inventory and information architecture to get a feel for the requirements for the site.

I then started on content gathering and editing. I adapted the tone of the language, shot and edited needed photographs and sourced missing information. I used the Wix platform to develop and host the site. As part of the implementation, I added a contact form so clients could connect to the business using email, not just having to catch the busy owners on the phone.

I linked in their social media feeds and migrated their domain to the new site. Since the site has been in production I have trained the business owners on how to make minor changes to the site and have also been engaged in making larger site updates. Check out the finalized A Touch of Majic Website. 

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